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Korean 6 years old Red Ginseng 100% extract 250ml

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Korean 6 years old Red Ginseng extract 250g (8.5 oz)  1 EA

- Korean 6 years Red Ginseng extract 100%

  Korean Ginseng trunk root 70%, ginseng fine roots 30%

- Saponin/Ginsenoide Rg1+Rb1 above 5mg/g,  Solid Contents above 60%

   Pure ginseng extract, No other materials not included, so it is very strong and powerful.

- Special batch for Korean Department store.


Expiration Date: June 19, 2017



. Avoid exposure to high temperature, direct sunlight and keep in cool, dry place.

. This product is made under the good quality control, but please let us know if you find a spoiled or product caused by inattentive handling during distribution.


Manufacturer : Hansol Hongsham

This company is operated by a ginseng farmer and located in JinAn area where

is on a plateau and very famous for the best ginseng cultivation area.



The scientific name of ginseng panax ginseng C. A. Meyer. It has been acknowledged as a natural mysterious cure among the northeastern Asian peoples, because of its broad medicinal application.

The origin of the word "panax" derived from panacea, a Greek word meaning cure-all. According to the classification method of herb medicines in the Chinese medicinal book, "God-Famer Materia Medica "(A.D. 483~496) ginseng was described as the superlative drug: panacea, tonic and rejuvenator. Recent pharmacological and clinical studies reveal that ginseng has a natural-therapeutic effect, ginseng is recommended from the following symptoms.


- Superiority of the Korea Ginseng

Superiority of the Korean Ginseng comes from the geographical advantage suitable for the growth of ginseng.

Because the latitude of main cultivated land of Korean Ginseng is from 36 degrees to 38 degrees of North Latitude, growing period of them is 180 days that is 50~60 days longer than those of other countries.

Such a long growing period allows ginseng mature enough so the Korean ginseng has hard and tight cellular density that makes the Korean ginseng keep its own flavor and scent for long.


- Cultivation of the Korea Ginseng

It is said that artificial cultivation of the Korean Ginseng started from one thousand years ago. However, there was some documents about artificial cultivation of Korean Ginseng in King SEONJO period (1567~1608) of Joseon Dynasty.

Early stage of ginseng cultivation started from seeding of a seed or planting of a young plant. Then cultivated land changed from timberland to plains gradually and finally the cultivating method of today has been developed.

Presently, ginseng cultivation is wide spread and Korea is recognized as the suzerain state producing high quality ginseng because Korea has a advantageous environmental condition for the ginseng cultivation.

- Ingredients and efficacy of Korea Ginseng

Ginseng saponine is known as the main pharmacological ingredient which is called ginsenoside. This substance has a unique chemical structure and special effect compared to those of other plants. Until now, chemical structure of 30 kinds of ginseng saponines was revealed in accordance with development of separation analysis technology.

Depending on characteristics of chemical structure, ginseng saponine is divided into PD (Protopanxadiol), PT (Protopanaxatriol) and Oleanane type until now. And 19 sorts, 10 sorts, and one sort of each chemical combination was separated and refined.

Having 30 kinds of saponines, Korea Ginseng has much more kinds of saponines than those of American ginseng (14 sorts) or Chinese ginseng (15 sorts). Considering the different pharmacological effects of each ginsenoside, Korean Ginseng can be said to have the superior efficacy to those form other areas.

 How to make Korean Red ginseng

Ginseng is peeled, heated either through steaming at standard boiling temperatures of 100 °C (212 °F), and then dried or sun-dried. This process is repeated 9 times and it becomes red during the process. During the process, the percentage of Ginsenocide is known to be increased dramatically.

A study of ginseng's effects on rats found, while both white ginseng and red ginseng appear to reduce the incidence of cancer, the effects appear to be greater in red ginseng. Another study showed potentially beneficial effects of a combination of Korean red ginseng and highly active antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1-infected patients.

Falcarinol, a 17-carbon diyne fatty alcohol isolated from carrot and red ginseng, was thought to have potent anticancer properties on primary mammary epithelial (breast cancer) cells. Other acetylenic fatty alcohols in ginseng (panaxacol, panaxydol and panaxytriol) have antibiotic properties.


2g (1 spoon) per a time, 2 Times daily. Eat as it is or after dissolving in (hot/cold) water.

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