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As a Corporation established on 2006, we have been doing wholesale business supplying Korea Beauty products to Unites states
after purchasing them directly from Korean wholesaler market. What we found, even though there are so many up-to-date
Quality products in technology, price and fashion made in Korea, it is not easy directly introducing them in US customers through retail
stores because there are too many entrance barriers like launching cost, distribution cost , advertisement and time consumption.

That is the reason we decide to open a reliable web place where scrupulous customers can find recently made, up-to-date Korean Health
and beauty products at an acceptable price with satisfactory service.

* What Makes Different *

Our formula for delighting customers is straightforward:

  • Authentic products. In US market there are lots of fake Korean products from China who unfaithfully make use of Korean Beauty
    and fashion Boom. But because we directly purchase from Korean manufacturer or well established wholesalers, 
    There will be no possibility of buying fake products from us.

  • New and Up-to-date products. Even though you purchase authentic products, sometimes it stocked too long enough to do harm to
    users after passing through many steps of distribution channel. Some people purchase expired or obsolete products at a low price and
    resell them through web. If you buy from us, you will be protected from these kinds of isk clearly.

  • Really quick and Reliable service. As Korean American, we are renowned for fast work. It is OK you expect to touch your
    orders 1 to 3 days with tracking information. At worst within one week. We will save you from waiting until one month after
    your money is withdrawn without any tracking information from overseas.

  • Easy and quick after-service. If something is wrong in your order, it will be remedied very quickly and with no cost inside United
    States if it is our faults( Like 
    drawbacks in products or damages during delivery).
    The situation will never happen you have to send the items back to overseas for return or services. 

  • Available Products will be continuously expanded. Some people want to buy Korean products which they saw or experienced during
    Korean trip or through gift, but it will not be easy to find the same products in US. Even though you find them in China town, it may not
    be Korean products. This is the story I personally heard from my friend after presenting a tea set.

Please ask us your necessary Korean items, we will make it prepared very quickly.

Thank you.
PO Box 333, Little Ferry NJ 07643,